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from the town, great movie but one about lethal bank robbers. the question is what exactly should we read into that? it's "way too early" for this. good morning. i'm willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that is celebrating its second birthday today. and i want what every 2-year-old wants, fire truck, buzz lightier with jammies and a pisa party. i'm glad everybody's watching on msnbc or listening live on serioirius xm radio. shood me an e-mail as always at way too or tweet me or do what jerry renner and the entire cast does. to 622639. we'll read the best responses
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later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this wednesday, july 27th. there's a lot going on today, including another bit of discouraging news out of affe afghanistan earlier this morning. plus a mystery celebrity caller helps us celebrate our birthday. will it be brad and an gelee na. star of thety silver screen, ron jeremy perhaps or will it be former president harry s. truman. you'll find out a bit later in the show. first let's get to the news live here at 5: 30 a.m. at rocker feller in new york city. john boehner is now redoing if you want to put it that way his plan to redo the debt limit. the speaker's plan would fall short of the $1.2 trillion in spending costs it proposes, and the specific cuts would be $300 billion less than thought. this comes as the front page of today's "wall street journal"
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reads boehner plans faces rebellion. the journal and other papers reporting the speaker is facing backlash from conservatives in his party about the amount of spending cuts in his bill. that's why he's going back to refashion it and come up with something they can vote on thursday. a source tells nbc news that majority leader eric cantor tried to rally party members yesterday telling members of the house republican conference to, quote, quit grumbling and whining and call the president's bluff by getting behind speaker boehner's plan. that apparently did not work. the white house also responding to the house plan saying the president's senior advisers would recommend that president obama would vito babier's bill, but senate majority leader harry reid says the proposal won't even make it to the president. >> speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it.
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democrats will not vote for it. it's dead on arrival in the senate, if they get it out of the house. the tea party's in the driver's seat for the house republicans now and that's a very, very scary thought. >> speaking on the senate floor yesterday mitch mcconnell was in support of boehner's plan but later in the day was a by bit more candid about that proposal. >> we're going to have to get back together and get a solution here. we cannot get a perfect solution from my point of view controlling only the house of representatives, so i'm prepared to accept something less than perfect because perfect is not achievable. >> and with negotiations still in gridlock white house press secretary jay carney now warns there's no way around next week's deadline. >> the united states hit its debt limit in may, and since may the treasury secretary, using the authority that he has and doing what previous secretaries of the treasury have been able to do, has exercised all the
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wiggle room available to him and that rubs out on august 2nd. >> now, ahmed all these tense negotiations we hear reports and now we know that majority whip kevin mccarthy tried to bring a sense of unity to house republicans by playing a theme from the film, "the town." a bank robbery thriller that start ben affleck. great movie, by the way. after watching the clip the republican aides told "the washington post" that florida republicanalen west said, quote, whose car are we going to take. it played off the scene they had just watched. for the latest on negotiations from capitol hill to help us sort through this, nbc's luke russert, kind enough to wake up for us. luke it's similar to the beginning of the song "going back to callcally" do you remem that song? i'm up, i'm up, big.
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>> that's a great reference at 5:340. luke, i'm impressed. you must have been up and had your coffee. help us what's going on luke. you covered the hill every single day. people who watched this who aren't like us, kind of nerds following every moment of this get home from work and they say what happened exactly today, are we any further than we were. how can beget toward a deal by next tuesday? >> well, the big news that came out from yesterday was that john boehner was having a great difficult getting to 217 votes, the majority in his house on his plan to raise the debt ceiling. then he got bad news from the congressional budget office, which is a non-partisan budget office that scores these bills which says that his plan, which claimed to have saved over a trillion dollars in spending over the next ten years really only saved about $850 billion. so it didn't save nearly as much as he said it did and it
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actually back ended a lot of the savings. so in the first few years there was only about $5 billion worth of savings which is not acceptable to a lot of the tea party wing house who was duly elected. so he pulled the bill off the floor and informed his members that he's going to rewrite it to try to get the number of savings to be larger than the number of what the debt ceiling would be -- the debt limit would be rather extended. so this issing in in the grand scheme of things is another procedure delay. the vote was supposed to be later this afternoon. it's now on thursday. for folks, as you know, it means that the situation is more dire as we get to august 2nd because this was one possible vehicle to a solution. you heard harry reid say they weren't going to pass it at all. that's true on its face.
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it would have difficulty going to the senate and getting through, but the general consensus was that this was get out of the house through some way. if boehner's able to reach 217. and it would be amended in the senate by harry reid and that would ultimately be presented to the president. that's now out the window. and there is really no clear way forward right now. >> so, luke, bottom line for us, on august 2nd, is there any way? i mean it seems hard to get there from right now. that the house not only passes the bill but one that will pass the senate and will be signed by the president? >> as of right now, i think you will see a bill passed by august 2nd that garners the president's approval. you have reports saying that's not exactly the firmest deadline. the treasury has money that would last to tend of the week. the folks who have the authority to pass this thing. my guess is you're going to see an 11th hour teal between the
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senate and the house. they don't want the markets to open on monday with this still really much in limbo. >> all right. luke, we're enjoying looking at your confirmation photograph up now. i don't if you have the television on. you're a handsome sun of a gun who is can quote biggy smalls at 5:30 in the morning. >> happy birthday, willie. god bless you. >> bye. christine lagarde is expressing her concerns about the debt. in a speech in no, yesterday she explained the far-reaching consequences of not just the default but also of the subsequent downgrade. >> the clock is ticking. there has to be sufficient plans in order to address the issue of the sovereign debt, of the debt ceiling because frankly to have a default or to have, you know, a significant downgrading of the
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united states signature would be a very, very, very serious event, not for the united states alone but for the global economy at large. >> for more on lagarde's comments and an earlier look at the markets, we get all up in your business this morning. cnbc's geoff cutmore is live. we heard christine la gafrmd how concerning is it for the u.s.? >> the world's largest economy and also one of the biggest borrowers, something like 40% of u.s. debt is owned by foreigners, and that's why there is a great deal of concern about this august 2nd deadline being met not only about the potential for default, but also that the ratings agencies potentially move to downgrade the aaa rating because if they do that, an initial move would immediately mean funding costs in the u.s. go up by possibly another $100 billion a year.
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so concern from the imf as we heard, but s&p and other ratings agencies watching things very closely. s&p saying they're not going to comment officially on various plans that are being put forward by legislators right now, but we know, of course, back on july 14th, the rating put on watch on a negative buyer. so people are looking very closely at this. and, willie, while i'm with you, i wanted to chip in and say to all the folks at are cnbc congratulations to you. >> appreciate it. thanks so much, geoff. we want to turn now to a developing story in afghanistan. the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide attack in kandahar that has killed that city's mayor, the second assassination of a top official in the southern taliban stronghold just this month comes just two weeks after the killing of the half brother of president
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hamid karzai. the late mayor had been mentioned as a possible successor to karzai's brother. the spokesman said the mayor had been a target for a long time and was attacked to avenge the death of two children who they claim were killed during demolition work in the city. still ahead onw "way too early." a play at the plate in the 19th inning where the umpire quite simply wanted to get back to the hotel and go to bed. wait till you see this one. and we continue our celebration of the second anniversary of "way too early" with a look at some of the great moments of the last year and a mystery celebrity caller who's up watching this program each and every morning. we'll get her on the phone and get a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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♪ >> yes, that was the most exotic place "way too early" will ever go. we were in london for the royal wedding. went to paris for three hours and saw the entire stichlt as you saw, we didn't have a lot of time but we pulled it off. let's get a check on weather from meteorologist bill karins. he's been here about every single day. >> it's hard to top that. >> we've got a few tricks up our sleeve. you may be involved in a few minutes. >> all right, willie. congratulations and good morning, everyone. heat wave continues in the middle of the country. we have effective heat warnings in in effect. kansas city, wichita and tulsa. we had the rain last night that cooled off areas like new york city and new england so it actually feels kind of refreshing this morning.
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that won't be the case later this afternoon. d.c. around 91. still hot. but the humidity levels are down. this is a beautiful day in many areas of the east. even atlanta will be dry. 94. so that's typical for you this time of year. thunderstorms on the go. kansas city to dallas, very hot. chicago and minneapolis going to see thunderstorms. really no big changes out there. the heat, the worst of it on the east coast will be on friday. >> wait for friday there. but, still you look at dallas, like you say. over a hundred again. time for some sports now. a crazy night in atlanta. the braves hosting the pirates. let's start in ninth inning with a squeeze play by pittsburgh. the braves, though, sniffed it out. the pitchout to nail michael mckenry at third. wow, great call from the dug jouchlt we go to extra innings. julio lugo grounds out to end the inning. so keep moving on to the 16th. pittsburgh's lyle overbay ripped it down the line, but the rookie
5:48 am
freddie freeman making a cupping. the pirates fans wanting this thing to be over. with go to the bottom of the 18th inning. a base hit will whip it for tlachblt ronny cedeno there to make the play. we're still tied at three. 19th inning, it's late. folks in the crowd starting to get a little bit weird. here we go. julio lugo tries to score. he's out by a mile, right? the umpire calls him safe. jerl nee jerry neels was your umpire. he whammed to get back to the hotel the is to have a couple of meals. after 6 hours and 35 minutes he just want god home. the pirates manager clint hurdle couldn't believe what he saw. he was out by ten feet. they qaa him safe. the braves win 4-3 in 19 innings. the game ended at 1:50 a.m. eastern time.
5:49 am
that's the longest game either of these two franchises has ever played. how about the yanks and the mariners last night? seattle, 16-game losing streak. it's not going to get any better facing that guy. cc sabathia feasting on the mariners' lineup. ichiro can't make contact. sabathia was perfect. actually through six innings. yankees had some offense. curtis granderson pokes one just over the left field wall. amazing. he's got 28 home run this season. after a little rain delay, we go to the top of the seventh inning, sabathia is still holding on to that perfect game, but seattle's brendan ryan, there it is, breaks it up with a line drive. seattle's only hit of the night, in fact. sabathia strikes out 14. yankees win, 4-1. that is the 17th now consecutive loss for seattle. meanwhile boston beat kansas city last night. that keeps the red sox two games up on the yankees in the a.l.
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east. coming up on the top of the hour on "morning joe" house speaker john boehner fights his own caucus. we'll kick it down to joe, mika, and the crew in washington to sort through all of this. and we continue our celebration of the second anniversary of this program with a mystery caller. that is next. but first another stop on the "way too early" world tour last year of chicago and blago's barber shop. >> wow. this is the actual chair where blago gets his famous haircut and this is the man, mr. barber of chicago who cuts that hair.
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in the wee houshs of july 27th, 2009, i along with two dedicated staffers, yes, we have a staff of two, actually now we're up to three. bheeshd a lot of progress in the last two years, launched a program that would change the face of early morning television. we got the help of friends at the white house. tell your friends former white house press secretary robert gibbs was the very first guest on "way too early." he paved the way for the few, the proud, the "way too early" guests. robert gibbs white house press secretary, we're thrilled to have you on the show with us. we're proud to have the white house blessing.
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i'm assuminging you're bestowing that on us. >> i haven't checked but i'm sure the president is up right now. >> as he is each and every morning. >> we were also joined by the donald, "the new york times" maureen dowd, brian williams got out of bed for us, if you can imagine that, and bill maher, if you can imagine that. not a bad way to start the show. let's huddle around the water cooler as we talk with a viewer who's been with us from the very beginning, e-mailed her thoughts in these wee hours of the morning and a viewer who's a good friend, ms. gayle king is on the phone in her pajamas. gayle, good morning. >> happy anniversary to you, willie geist. actually i just got out of the tub. i'm ready to go. >> you've got your robe on? i don't want to get too personal here. >> willie, it's a big bath sheet, but this is the thing about your show. there's no other show on tv that would start with luke russert quoting biggy and puffy in the morning, nobody else can do
5:55 am
that. >> nobody else can pull that off. luke russert with his confirmation photo talking about biggy small. >> i know. i loved it. >> gayle, you've been so great. i wanted to brick you on because you've been there from the beginning, e-mailing me about the show. what has you up at this hour every single day. >> it's so funny that you should ask that. you were on vacation last week and i was literally typed up an e-mail and i said, gayle, stop it. he's married. hello, christina. he's got kids. they're probably on vacation. stop sounding like the weird crazy stalker person but you were so much a part of my day getting everything started. i love how yo put everything in perspective. you've got that unique ability to do goofy, crazy kind of funny stuff and are still scary smart. that really is a great skill set and i mean that with all seriousness. >> thank you, gayle. >> you can be funny but can also be very smart and lose no credibility. that's what you do. >> thank, you gayle. this is why we brought you on
5:56 am
this morning, to lavish praise upon me. >> i it ain't hard. it ain't hard. >> gayle, you're up very early this morning but you're up early every morning. is there a reason you get up? i'm always curious about people who are up this hour of the day. >> you know, i'm a news junky, it's true. i like to start the day to see what's going on. i get up and exercise sometimes, get ready for my own show. lieic being up to see what's going on. and right now, you know, the big story, i loved luke talking about the debt debate. it's getting kind of scary to me. i believe they're going to pass it, but the fact that it's getting this close is a little troubling. >> the clock is ticking. >> tick and tock. >> gayle, you are the best. thanks for calling in again and your support for the show from day one. it means a lot to me. >> i have to say this. when you said brad an angelina, i thought, are they calling in too?
5:57 am
>> that was our tease. >> congrats. >> gayle king is the host of a show on sirius xm and on oprah winfrey. still ahead, why are you awake? and to celebrate our birthday, in the low budget spirit of our little show we head to break now with the world's most depressing celebratory balloon drop. broadway bill karins, take it away. oh, that is so depressing. i'm always looking out for small ways to be more healthy. like new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweeteners. this bowl of strawberries is loaded with vitamin c. and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to.
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